Set up your data room in less than 10 minutes

Yes it’s super easy !

Step 1

We setup your data room while giving you the demo and before the demo is over your data room is ready

Step 2

Just login, create folders and upload files and you can put customizable  watermark too

Step 3

Go to rights management dashboard and give permission to users to access data

Unique features of DCirrus VDR

    • Option to choose location of servers hosting confidential data.
    • Login using two factor authentication(2FA) with options of sending one time password (OTP) on SMS, WhatsApp or email.
    • 24*7 tech support and training.
    • Upload any amount of data and add any number of users effortlessly.
    • Granular folder and file level controls to allow permission-based data access to users.
    • Customized watermarking of documents with user details including their IP.
    • Audit trail of all actions conducted by users including user action graphs.
    • Documents upload notifications to permitted users by automatic email.
    • Indexing of documents and rebuilding of Index to keep the data room updated.
    • Tagging of files with relevant words.
    • Versioning of documents.
    • Smart search engine.
    • Unique user control mechanism.
    • Encryption during transit and rest
    • State of art file sharing and file deposit mechanism using two factor authentication(2FA) with options of sending one time password(OTP) on SMS, WhatsApp or email.
    • Use your domain and logo to customize the data room for more professional experience.
    • Web and mobile application.
    • Q & A – Discussion Forum.
    • Customized AWS keys to point data in user cloud account.

Take control, set up your DCirrus VDR today !