DCirrus drive

A complete solution to manage all user’s data at one place be it for storage or sharing. No need for expensive servers or network setup. User documents are stored, secured and made easily accessible as per their need.

Sync and Restore

The user can sync files and folders from his local device into his cloud drive. Any addition of files in a sync folder will be automatically uploaded into the cloud. In case of a device crash or theft, all synced files and folders in the cloud can be restored effortlessly into the new device.

Data Backup

Files are backed up according to configurable file-retention and versioning settings.


Share files and folders

Users can share or receive the data with any third-party through a secured link which is password protected and without the need of 3rd party installing DCirrus application. They have the option to receive passwords on mobile or via email. Large files and folders can be transferred without using the traditional, unsecure email system.

File Versioning

Users can view different versions of a file uploaded with the same name to ensure that no changes are lost between updates or edits.

Offline Access

Downloaded files can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices even when offline.