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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost effective solution to everybody to empower them to secure and share their data, enabling them to collaborate efficiently and achieve their goals.

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Our Origin

How DCirrus Came to existence?

DCirrus is an initiative of its co-founder ‘Mr. Lalit Mathur’ to empower users to structure and protect their data. Being a lawyer by profession, huge paperwork, dealing with packs of documents had been a part of his life.

Searching through various documents and old emails to find the relevant document had always been a cumbersome task for him, thinking how a lot of time is wasted in such simple tasks, he wondered if there was/ could be a solution for a problem like this.

And as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, the idea of DCirrus was also conceived while the Dcirrus Co-founder was wondering about a solution that can structure and store data safely, allow collaboration, and make sure that only authorized person can access the valuable information.

Having realized that the current solutions available in the market had some or the other flaws in terms of privacy and confidentiality or the cost of such tools was too high. Mr. Lalit decided to build a team that will be India’s first cloud computing company with an application that can address the above concerns and still remains cost-effective.

Driven by this idea a perfect team was brought together to bring out a product that adds great value to user experience and increase the productivity.

Why DCirrus?

All The Good Reasons

At Dcirrus We work with the aim of providing only the best to our customers. Protecting customer’s information, providing the best user experience, and keeping the innovation going is our goal. We understand that in today’s world nothing short of excellent can be served to the customers. Hence, DCirrus brings you a highly productive platform for all your data storage and collaboration needs.

Our Values

Values We Live By


Security of customers data is of our primary concern and our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting customer’s data.


We are duty bound to our customers to secure their data so that they can effortlessly work without any fear and achieve their goals.


Our core values are based on the foundation of giving control of customer data into their hand. We respect privacy of customers and coded our core value in the application.

Connect with us

We welcome all your feedbacks, suggestions and questions. Feel free to write to us, our team will be happy to assist you.
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